- live rollenspiel-002The Live Role Play

60 minute interactive program

Reserve on-line with no registration

Get to know the centuries-old secrets of an ancient Order; be a historian, cryptographer or symbol

researcher – read correctly from the clues and find evidences altering the course of history.

The Live Role Play is a new form of team-building, a new generation of get-out and escape games

with improved elements. Its tasks only require logical and associative thinking emphasizing team

work besides its various other features.

Advance reservation is required

Teams of 2 to 6 players are welcome from ages 10 to 99 years - live rollenspiel-001Only logical puzzles are featured providing ground for associative thinking

By solving linear tasks players get closer to their goal; beside this additional information is provided

In case of difficulties operators are at bay to help

For tailored needs refer to our colleagues who are ready to help at any time

With mutual work and the help of logical puzzles get the secrets of ruling the world through

Leonardo da Vinci and the Order of Freemasons and Illuminates.